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It has been ages since I wrote a Journal.

I'm not much on deviantart these days, at least not more than uploading, checking if anyone messaged me, and checking through my favourite artists updates.

But I do pop by once a week, roughly.

But I thought I'd pop by and let you guys know that I am available for a bit more commissions than normal this month. And that September is going to be our yearly "Month of Lemons" discount month. (see below)

In the month of September, due to a sudden cancellation of a larger commission: I'm open for 4-5 private commissions .

Generally speaking, the prices range from €200 to €600, depending on what you need: Bust-portrait, full body portrait, action scene with two to three characters. 
Prices can always be discussed. If you have something extremely simplistic in mind, perhaps it will be a little less (or, like now, there is a discount, see below).

If you have an idea you want to get down in image-form, send us an email to:  You can also note me here on Deviantart, but it might take a while before I get back to you. 4-5 commissions only, this month. I'll have more space next month, but not 4-5 spots. First come, first serve :) )
We'll see what it is you want, and we can discuss pricing and other items.

Anything massive is going to need to be discussed.

We reserve the right to refuse any commission due to moral and/or legal reasons. 
Please do note that we work for larger companies with substantial IP's (Intellectual Properties), and we would never infringe on those ones. On the other hand, we bestow the same courtesy on private commissions.

For the Month of September, we will introduce "Month of Lemons"-discount.

Last year, we were in a bit of trouble, and thanks to the amazing help of friends and fans, and a drop in price by about half, we got out of that situation. In the process, we got the chance to do some fantastic pieces. So why not make something yearly out of it?

*Month of Lemons-discount is a 20% discount on all digital, private commissions of which the advance is paid during the month of September. (For any commission, a minimum of 30% of the full price is required upfront, before we start sketching. Kill-fees apply.)

*This discount is valid effectively from now, and only for commissions for the coming month. (Aug 29 - Sep 30)

*Discount will be deducted after price has been settled.

How I work

I have been doing live videos (that also are being posted and available to view) on our FB page-…

I am painting something for myself, and setting it up as if it would be a commission, talking about how I paint it throughout.
If you have the chance to watch live, I also take questions and try to answer as best as I can.
Come see me be slow as shit, rework everything over and over again, and stuff...

Perhaps it's inspiring, perhaps not. But any likes and shares are appreciated, as they bring joy to my life :)

Streams are happening every weekday, for about one hour, in the morning somewhere. If you don't want to miss them, subscribe to them, you'll get pinged on FB whenever I go live :)

Bring on your dreams, nightmares, fantasies, or phantasmagorias!

(Oh, and if you wonder about the "we" references- Studio Colrouphobia, the studio which I belong to, is me and :iconairgid: check her art out, she does traditional stuff and creature design (note only digital is under the Month of Lemons" discount this year.)

  • Listening to: Highly Suspect
  • Reading: Orson Scott Card
  • Watching: Outcast
  • Playing: life
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: Lemmies!
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Submitted on
September 3, 2016