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April 19, 2009
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Dark Eldar 2.0 by DavidSondered Dark Eldar 2.0 by DavidSondered
For a Weekly Sketchgroup topic over at Ordo Illuminatus [link]

"Design your vision of the Dark Eldar of the Warhammer 40,000 universe"

I designed my sketch to be closer in look to the Craftworld Eldar, more looking as if they where Ghosts of the Eldar then their current spiky selves. That said, there are still some spiky bits ;)

The helmet was a late addition and is mainly there to show the sci-fi aspect further.
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Repeater12323 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
Very nice indeed
Ghostwolf09 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011
DavidSondered Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
lorddante59 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
Simply stunning
DavidSondered Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you
echar89 Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
I like how you came up with this visual concept of a toned down dark eldar with many vanilla eldar similarities nearly two years before Games workshop basically did the same thing. You sir, are a trend setter!
DavidSondered Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
haha, you'd be surprised.

I posted, on (a forum for GW games) nearly nine years ago (and sadly lost in some reboot of the site I suspect, because I cannot find it anymore) some pencilsketches of a librarian dreadnought with force weapon, along with a chaplain dreadnought featuring speakers that could scream out litanies of hate. Along with some scribblings on the two types of dreadnoughts.

People laughed at me.... and now there are librarian dreadnoughts and chaplain dreadnoughts... I wonder if they will make the techmarine dreadnought I was talking about sketching in that post hehe.

Aside from being a little tounge-in-cheek up there, I think it is more of a coincidence, merged with the fact that some ideas jut are too good not to happend and, I believe, GW has done some leaps to learn how to model figures way better recently.

Jeremy Jarvis allegedly said they learned tons of new things whilst modeling the new Dark Eldar Range. That meant they could model the DE closer to the eldar view but still maintain a complete own look. So it is not all to unthinkable that they originally wanted to make the DE alot closer in look to the Eldar but just wherent able to model them like so. If the models cannot look convincing then the artwork need to reflect that, otherwise people start asking or commenting on the differences between artwork an models.

but thanks, It feels good someone has noticed :D
NagnetoLives Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
Taytonclait Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! Morbid nobility indeed!
Tsardel Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
this makes me want to take the eldar autarch model and convert it "to the dark side", awesome picture!
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